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Why offer free printing and free shipping?

We know it’s difficult to get your documents printed during social distancing - for a limited time Willful is offering free printing & shipping of your documents. Read our FAQ below or find more info in your purchase confirmation email. If you do wish to use this free service, email your documents and address to our private email and we will be shipping via Canada Post Xpress Post. If you wish to have your documents sent via registered mail, please note you will be required to go to the post office to sign for your documents. You may request this option in your email to Please be sure to read all important notes and disclaimers. Offer valid March 20-April 5.

Completing Your Will During COVID-19

Our customers use Willful after important milestones, such as:

Recently getting married

Buying their first home

The birth of a child

Outdated wills

Step 1 of the Willful application flow.

We help you pick the perfect plan

We start by gathering a few basic details such as your name, location and marital status. This information helps us recommend the plan that best fits your needs. Of course, you have the final say on what plan works for you. After your plan is selected, you're only 15 minutes away from the finish line!

We guide you all the way

We worked with experienced estate lawyers to create a seamless experience to help you cover all your bases. You answer the questions, our technology customizes legal documents to best represent your wishes while avoiding common errors and contradictions.

Step 2 of the Willful application flow.
Step 3 of the Willful application flow.

You're ready to make it official

You've gone through the Willful platform and have paid to access your documents. Not only are your documents ready to print and sign but you can always log back in to edit and update any section, any time! To take advantage of this limited time service, please email your documents to from the same email you used to create your Willful account. More details will be provided in your payment confirmation email.

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